Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Hot cold water

I really like my apartment complex, but one of its foibles is the cold water occasionally is cross-fed from the hot water supply. I'm pretty sure it's a bad mixer fixure in some unit's kitchen or bathroom (and not in my unit -- I've checked). I'm guessing that there's some particular setting of the fixture (all the way hot, or half hot/cold) that cross-feeds the supplies and backs hot water up into the cold line.

Anyway, it definitely makes for suprises when you wash your hands in the bathroom or dishes in the kitchen sink (or, flush the toilet). Fortunately, the cross-feed tends to have low volume, so I can just run the bathtub for one or two minutes and get cold water again. It's annoying, and something the landlady should fix, but it's hard to diagnose or reproduce on demand. Oh, well.
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