Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

New $1 coins possibly in the future

Apparently there's work afoot to roll out a series of $1 coins for former Presidents of the US, much like the 50 state quarters program. I have a feeling that won't fly so well. I mean, who would really care if they ever had a Franklin Pierce or Rutherford Hayes $1 coin? Yes, I'm sure there'll be some interesting collectibles, but I think it'll flop. The state quarters are a big success because they're something that everyone in the US can relate to -- when's my state going to get its quarter? What will it look like? What'll be on in? No one really will be that excited when the James Buchanan comes out.

Also, this sounds like a cheap way to try to drum up support for the $1 coin and phase out the $1 bill. What they don't realize yet is that <hypothesis>keeping $1 as a paper bill is important for inflation's sake. If we trivialize $1 to a mere coin, then we'll quickly believe that $2 for a can of soda will be cheap -- because it's just two coins. So long as the $1 is a paper bill and nestled next to the $20s in my wallet, I'll be nearly as reluctant to part with either.</hypothesis>
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