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Two apps I'd really like

I need help with interior design for my living room. [I realized last week that, with all the little piles of CDs and other bits around the walls, my living room looks *way* too much like the bachelor pad living room it, in fact, is.] So, here's what I want: I'll take some pictures of the room, and I'll sketch out the floorplan. I'll even measure the walls so the floorplan is accurate. I'd like to upload these photos and the sketch to a web site (maybe I'll sketch it on the web site directly), and then I want to be able to add and remove furniture virtually. Drag a sofa or coffee table into the floor plan, and generate a modified photo showing the effect. If I need to clear out my room before taking the photos I may be willing to do that. I also want to be able to look at it from other angles, not just where I took the photos. I can take and upload lots of photos, though, so I can get whatever the app would need.

Seems like it'd be a pretty simple 3D graphics + environment/texture mapping thing. It may even already exist, I haven't looked. Would be pretty neat. Because, then, I could even show the design to others before I do it and get their feedback. They could redecorate my place, too, etc.

App number two: I'd like a really easy way to associate a photo with a geolocation. I have a photo I took at a street corner looking at a building. I have that photo on a web page. I'd like a really easy way to link to a map showing that location, and have that map have other photos taken by me or others. I'm sure there's lots of people building such things, I haven't looked. It would be pretty cool, though, if I could organize my photos by _space_ and share them with folks. I guess, they'd be pretty clumpy -- blobs whereever I've travelled. It's most interesting to me when I've done a lot of "little" travelling around where I've lived -- lots of places in Seattle or Bay Area metro areas. I'd also want to associate general geographic tags with photos -- I won't pinpoint all my Hawaii photos, but I'd be happy to say "these are all from Kauai." I guess, in the Web 2.0 spirit, I should propose there be communities, and let others in the community tag my photos ("this is really the Bank of Hong Kong building") and I theirs, and we all could have a shared map of all the photos anyone's ever taken in San Francisco / Hawaii / where ever. That would be pretty neat.

Hm, this really would be cool. Hm.
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