Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

World Market on San Antonio

I dropped by the World Market on San Antonio just off Middlefield today. Not Cost Plus World Market -- this store is just a little ethnic grocery store tucked away among the light industrial and commercial buildings in my neighborhood. Their specialties seem to be Eastern Europe (especially Latvia) and Jewish. Not a lot that especially excites me (doesn't turn me off, just, I don't have a standing craving for gefilte fish), but I did buy some very dark chocolate (three bars, from Holland, Russia, and Latvia). We'll see how they compare.

When you first walk in to the store, your eyes have to adjust to two things: the light difference (it's a little darker inside than "sunny day" outside, and also, the visual "frequency" of the place. All the shelves are metal grating, so you see everything in the store all at once. And, the floor is this wacky stone tile that's very busy, so it doesn't help rest your eyes. Just, pick up a basket, make like a customer, and chill in the corner for a moment to acclimate.
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