Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

More periodontal posts

I'm sure you've been waiting to hear more about my gums. Let me not keep you any more:

The clinical assistant at the periodontist's told me that some of the Alloderm may slough off, and I may lose a suture -- that's to be expected. Over the last week I've noticed several places where the Alloderm is disappearing, although I suspect more that it's being incorporated into my real gums than just disappearing. Ie, "it's working." Today I lost my first and second sutures, at least, the first and second that I've been aware of. Their discovery is much like finding a raspberry seed in your mouth -- it's a little hard thing and you remove it just like a seed. Whatever.

Now, though, there's a bit of another suture that's sticking straight up from the graft point, and it's poking into my gums. I feel this and it's an irritant. My tounge also seems to like playing with it. If I'm lucky it'll be the next suture to go.

I believe that some of my lower front teeth have shifted since the surgery. I'm a bit disappointed about that, because I sorta liked them where they were. I don't believe they're actively migrating, I think they may simply have been moved while the doctor was cutting and ... whatever. I also believe that my lower lip may now be attached slightly higher to my lower gingiva than it was before. It hurts to curl my lower lip outward, and I think the dimple above my chin is inset slightly more than it was before (ie, its appearance from the outside). Hard to say for sure, though.

Anyway, enough with gum update.
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