Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Is that me, or no?

One of the weird things is not knowing if something in my mouth is part of 'me' or not. My tounge likes playing with anything it can find in my mouth, and the gum graft and sutures have been endless fun for it. Most of the sutures have disappeared but a few remain. I sometimes think I have a seed or something between two teeth ... no, that's a suture, I shouldn't try to rip that out. Worse is when I think I have some bit of bread or whatever in my mouth. I'll push it around only to discover it's still ... attached at one end. The Alloderm is meant to be a scaffold, so it flopping around isn't a big concern. It's just a bit annoying to be playing with something loose in one's mouth, then realize it's sorta supposed to be attached.

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