Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Wednesday afternoon my cable internet wasn't working at home. The cable TV was fine, but my cable modem was doing the Dance of Lights. Pfuh. I'll deal with it later.

Thursday morning the modem stopped its dance but my internet didn't return. "Welcome to Click here to download and install your new internet service." Huh? If I ever wanted to distribute a virus to thousands of unwitting people I'd do just this -- hijack their internet for a moment and insist that they download and run my exe. Sheep.

So, no, I did *not* run their program. Instead Thursday evening (4a, in fact) I called their customer service line. It look about 10 minutes to even just find a phone number of them -- they really don't want you to call. Happily I was connected to a human pretty quickly, despite it being way too late / early in the morning. And this person knew exactly what was wrong. Seems that my bank only just now finally decided that Comcast's idea of when my credit card expired wasn't compatible with their idea. So, very quietly, my bank refused the auto payment of my cable bill. Of course, had I *looked* at my cable bill last month I'd have seen this. But why bother looking -- it's an automatic payment! More odd, in fact, was that Comcast hadn't had a valid expiry date for that credit card for nearly *two years*. Thanks, bank, way to go with the prompt service.

A few minutes on the phone, the rep updated my card's expiry date and re-enabled my account. He even predicted correctly that I'd need to reset my modem and hub before they'd work together again. Which they do now. Yay.
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