Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Nudists have it right

Clothes are too much of a hassle.

I'm packing for a two week trip to Scotland this afternoon and want some nice looking trousers to wear. My trousers come in only these varieties:

* Looks nice but have a hole in the right rear pocket (*why* do *4* pants have this same hole??).
* Looks nice but isn't the right size (short inseam, wide waist, narrow waist).
* Jeans, but not the sexy fashionable type.
* Used to look nice but was left in the dryer too long and now are "broken."

I went shopping a few weeks back, and again last weekend (Great Mall in Milpitas is a *Mecca* of khaki outlet stores), but came up with only one new pair of trousers (fitting the rare "looks nice and fits" category). For my trip I need a few pairs of pants. So, my choices are:

1. Iron the broken pants.
2. Suck it up and go with the narrow waist pants.
3. Jeans.

I tried (1) this afternoon, no joy. I plan to take option (2) possibly squeezing the jeans (3) into checked luggage. Or, do you think anyone would notice a little worn-thin spot on the right rear pocket? I mean, who'd be looking at my rear?
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