Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

TODO by end of September

Because, why not:

1. Go overnight hiking.
2. Build something with EL wire.
3. Organize a group trip to Vegas.
4. Go to the gym twice a week for at least one month.
5. Run every other day for at least one month.
6. Drive out to see the Altamont pass wind farm
7. Bike 300 miles (not at once!).
8. Reconnect with my Bay Area friends from whom I've drifted.
9. Have a "favorite restaurant" for every city between San Jose and San Francisco.
10. Visit SF MoMA.
11. Host monthly cookie baking parties.

Hm, I think I need some sort of reward if I make all these things by end of September. Of course, actually *doing* all these things by end of September would be plenty of reward in itself.
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