Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

How does the Hulk unwind?

There's a Radio Shack about 2 miles from my apartment. I can walk there in about 15 minutes, and the drive is usually about 4-5 minutes. So, when I say that it took 25 minutes to drive along the 1/2 mile segment of road along this route, in standstill traffic, you'll appreciate how I may have been a bit peeved. And, of course, things never go well for me: my car was about out of gas, I wanted to be elsewhere at that exact moment, and there's this line of stupid people in front of me. Rrrrrr.... thinking about it still makes me mad. I definitely have an allergy to waiting in line.

When my car's properly tuned it helps make things up to me by letting me accelerate really fast and cruising at whatever speed I want on the open freeways. My car's in strong need of an oil change, though, so even that remedy wasn't available to soothe my nerves today.

Heading to dinner with several friends, the car in front of me in the parking lot kept stopping for no apparent reason. Honking did make me feel better.

I need to pick up a hobby that lets me break things. This is partly why I like digging and chopping wood, and why I think I'd like blacksmithing. Racquetball in grad school was a good outlet, though it's been years since I've played.
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