Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

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Foot wipes

I flew up to Seattle for the day yesterday. Blushing a little I'll admit that I got a thrill about going on a *day* trip 700 miles away. Handy that there's a steady stream of commercial jets that fly between Seattle and the Bay Area all day long.

I wore my sandals on the trip and was asked to take them off for screening. On the return trip, in Seattle, the security attendant offered me a disinfectant wipe -- a foot wipe -- as I walked through the metal detector. Uh, sure. A nice feature, of course -- I know that *my* feet are clean but I've seen some pretty scary bare feet in sandals flying before. The carpet in SJC's security area on the way out was sorta damp, too. No wipes there.
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