Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

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I need some window stickies

I walked straight into the sliding glass door between my balcony and my dining room this evening. The phone was ringing, I was taking a picture outside, and I wanted to rush inside to answer it. I thought I'd left the door open -- I mean, I didn't immediately see anything blocking my path. But a sheet of glass was, in fact, in the way.

Fortunately, I did not break the glass, but instead just left an imprint of my forehead on the door, and knock myself back off my feet (I was, after all, rushing inside at the time). My caller was kind enough to let me call her back after I collected my wits and made sure the door really was still intact.

I'm going to be leaving that door open whenever I go outside from now on. And, I need some window stickies.
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