Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Saturday walk

Melinda and I enjoyed a long walk around Mt. Sutro and through Cole Valley yesterday. Every week I learn more how San Francisco is more than just what's along the US-101 route through the city. It really is a place where people live, in neighborhoods, with cute shops and coffee houses, where people walk their dogs and push strollers along sidewalks, where there really are trees and flowers and natural shade, and fantastic views from parks. It's much more homey that I expected. I'm actually considering moving to the city, although the pros and cons of that notion should be a separate post.

The highlight of our walk yesterday was discovering a park atop a modest hill just north of Mount Sutro, from which the view was amazing. The park is really pretty small -- Google Maps doesn't even note it as a real park, although it is. This evening I learned it's called Tank Hill, because it used to support a water tower from 1894 through 1957. Today, it just supports a few trees, grass, some great rocks for sitting to enjoy the afternoon, and the view itself.

I also much admired the duct work on the back side of the neurosciences building at UCSF. Major pipes run along the outside walls of the building, but it's clear the architect planned for this construction and worked it into the design.

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