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Kwik-E-Mart open down the street

Today, 7-Eleven put up new facades on about a dozen of their 6,000 North American stores, as part of an advertising gig for the upcoming The Simpsons Movie. Neat. What's just weird is that, of all the headline places where these Kwik-E-Marts are appearing -- New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles -- one stands out: Mountain View, CA. Yep, that's right: given an only 0.2% chance that any given 7-Eleven would be remade in this way, it turns out that one of those dozen chosen is just down the street from me. Nifty. I'll take some photos if it turns out it looks really neat. Also of note about the location: it's across the street from a multiplex theatre, and it's the nearest Kwik-E-Mart (nee 7-Eleven) to Google's HQ.
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