Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


I have two types of clothes: pill-generators and pill-receptors. None of this whites and non-whites stuff. The pill-generators are towels, socks, and fleeces -- they produce little bits of fluff and such in the wash cycle. The pill-receptors are like the scratchy side of Velcro: any little bit of fluff cling to them. And so it goes: if I wash pill-generators with pill-receptors, my clothes are "cleaned" but half of them have unsightly white fluffy bits all over.

I think the pill exchange is happening in the wash cycle, not drying (despite the volume of drier lint produced). But, just in case, I'm now trying an anti-static cling drier tissue, hoping that some of the pills may fall off in the drier. We'll see. And, of course, I'm now splitting my laundry loads along my new generator / receptor axis.
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