Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Running this evening

I went running Thursday evening between first dinner (fruit and a cookie) and second dinner (9 square inches of pizza bread). I ran a loop from my house down to Alma near the San Antonio train station, along Alma to Charleston, up Charleston to Middlefield, and back along Middlefield to home.

The whole route is 3 miles but I stopped running just shy of that point, at Middlefield and San Antonio (about 2.6 miles). I ran a loping pace for the first 10 minutes, which took me to Alma and not-quite Charleston. I rounded that corner at 11:06, made it to Charleston and Middlefield at 15:00, and finished my brief outing at San Antonio at 18:22.

It was a great evening for a run. Yesterday it rained but today it was mostly sunny and into the upper 70s. In the evening it was still about 70F or so.
Tags: running
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