Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Sunday afternoon, July 22nd. 2:00p. 10min warm-up heading to Kezar Stadium near UCSF, then a timed mile on the track. 1:38, 1:42, 1:47, 1:38 splits (6:45 total, if I added that up correctly). I'm glad to know that I haven't entirely forgotten how to run faster than an 8 minute per mile pace. 8) Never mind that I used to knock back 6:45-miles one after the next "in my youth." Heh. I walked for about 4 minutes after the mile to recover then finished with four laps around the top edge of the bowl of the stadium. Guessing my pace and the radius of the curves I think that was about 1.25 miles to complete.

Sunday was warm for SF, probably in the mid 60s, with overcast skies.
Tags: running
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