Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

I went out for a short run today (I'm sorta pressed for time this evening). Tonight I did what I'll call the Around the Lamplighter block route. It's a two-mile loop from the front of the apartment, out to San Antonio along Middlefield, up to Charleston, back to Rengstorff, down to Middlefield again, and finally back to the Lamplighter. The two mile mark is a few yards beyond the Rengstorff and Middlefield intersection. This evening I ran the loop in 14 minutes: 6 minutes of warm-up loping up to where San Antonio crosses Charleston, then a bit harder for the second half. I'm actually pretty surprised by the apparent pace: I felt pretty good during the run but I didn't feel like I was averaging a 7:00-mile pace. We'll have to see if that was just an artifact of some corners cut on the map, or if I really am getting back into better shape. 8)

It was 69F when I went running with light haze in the sky. On the final 100m of the route (Rengstorff from Old Middlefield Road to Middlefield Road) I managed to just stay ahead of a city bus driving in the same direction. The bus had to stop to pick up passengers, though. 8)
Tags: running
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