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First run in Cow Hollow

Today was the first day since I moved in last Wednesday that it wasn't overcast and 58F outside. And what a beautiful day it turned out today! It's still sunny outside and probably around 64F; when I went out for my run it was probably around 65F or 66F.

Route: Steiner & Pixley, east on Pixley, north on Fillmore all the way to Marina Green Blvd. Along the Marina Green east until where it meets Laguna, then into Fort Mason along Lower Fort Mason road. I was looking for the Golden Gate Promenade but wasn't sure where it was exactly, and I ended up about half-way along McDowell Av. before turning around (about 100' past the apex of the hill). I retraced my steps to Marina Green then followed it around to the edge of the harbor. Ah, there's the Promenade. I trotted along it west to Divisidero, turn south on Divis, then back to Lombard. I walked for a block east along Lombard before a cool-down jog back to my front door.

Overall it was 27 minutes with about 75 seconds of walking, and probably was about 3 miles, or maybe just a shade longer, judging from my best guess at my pace.

Running along the marina is *great*. I'm really looking forward to do that a lot more often. I'd also like to continue running along McDowell Ave. down to the municipal pier and on out to the end: it's a nice hill and a sorta silly route (because the pier's a quarter mile long and there's no where to go at the end but turn around). The headwind along the promenade was pretty surprising: it probably slowed my pace down about 20 seconds on the mile. Of course, that's going west; eastbound it'd probably speed me up some bit. Running along Marina Green Blvd may also have been better. Along the promenade were many people fishing and I had to dodge them and their rods.
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