Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Company car

Yesterday I signed up for the most ridiculous perk yet: mid-day use car share. It's ridiculous because it's so convenient and useful yet absolutely free. Here's the deal: if I commute to work without driving my own car (ie, if I take the company shuttle, if I bike, if I walk, if I carpool with someone else) then I'm allowed to borrow one of a dozen cars that the company has on site. I make the reservation online, pick up the car with a wireless key fob, run my errand, and return it. No overhead about driving to work yet I can drive around town for errands. Nice.

And, of course, would the company use just any car for such a program? Oh, no. These are Priuses. And not just any Priuses at that -- these Priuses are equipped with high-capacity Li-ion batteries that let them run scores of miles in all-electric mode. If I need to drive in to Mountain View for an errand and be back in an hour, chances are the gasoline engine won't even start. And the company produces its own electricity direct from the sun, so they're all happy that no fossil fuels were harmed in the running of my errand.

Now I just an errand to go run...
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