Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


I came home early so I could get a run in before it got dark. Front door, Pixley, Fillmore, to Marina Blvd. Left on Marina all the to Bay. Ran through the Palace of Fine arts and emerged on Bay. Ran back along Bay, then ... something, and ended up on Fillmore north of Chestnut (got turned around here, my internal compass had me still pointing South when I was really running East). Back up Fillmore to Lombard, then some cool-down walking.

Total run time was 21:00, I've not yet measured the distance. The pace felt good and strong so I'm expecting it was about 3 miles. Marina Blvd has a stiff headwind.

Update: route here: Total distance was only 2.7 miles.
Tags: running
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