Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Yesterday evening I made it home just at dusk but still went out for a run. Running at night in the city is pretty fun: choose streets that don't have crowds of bar hoppers along them and you can enjoy the evening activity of the world, you can see where you're running (SF has streetlights everywhere), and you can arrange to be never far from home.

My route yesterday: warm up along Lombard (Filmore to Divisidero), back to Steiner, then up the Steiner hill (120' elevation gain over three blocks). The hill was a mighty opponent but it let me lose with honor: I was aiming to run all the way to Pacific St. but I made it only to Broadway (one block shy). Next time. The rest of the run was mostly flats and long downhills, to gradually calm down after that big run.

Total distance: 2.86mi. Total time: ~22 minutes, IIRC.
Tags: running
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