Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Burning Man (outline)

Pictures, sound samples, and more details will follow in later posts.

Saturday (8/25):
* Pick up RV
* Begin packing

Sunday (8/26):
(happy 5-year anniv. at work for me)
* Pack
* Leave around 8p
* Arrive Reno around 2a

Monday (8/27):
* Buy 175 gallons of water from Alberton's
* Hit road to Black Rock City by 10a or so
* Arrive BRC around 2p
* Choose camp site: 2:45 and Intertidal.
* Set up camp, notably, the Shade Structure.
* Weather: Clear and hot.

Tuesday (8/28):
* Heard the Man burned.
* Set up sun/moon dial.
* Set up solar oven (325F!).
* Set up flag pole and flag.
* Lit up stuff (EL wire on flag pole and bikes).
* Cycled around at night.
* Weather: clear and hot.

Wednesday (8/29):
* Walked around city with Melinda to work on our tans.
* Found Bioluminati (camp that Melinda knows); found joshbuckler at Spatial Delivery.
* Made quick batch of cookies. Was too late in the day for sun oven to do much.
* Weather: clear and hot.

Thursday (8/30):
* Cycled out to Crude Awakening and climbed oil derrick. Great view.
* First dust + wind storm. Struck while Melinda and I were on Crude Awakening. I insisted we head back to camp, as some place safe, rather than on the top of a tower built only days before.
* Shade Structure came apart. 8(
* Replaced lines in Shade Structure and added cross-Xs above and below tarps.
* Spent most of afternoon and evening fussing with shade.
* Camp moved from mostly-arrayed to mostly-disarrayed, where it remained until we packed Sunday.
* Went out to Bab5 with Melinda and David in the evening.
* Went for run in the evening. About 4-5 miles but took about 52 minutes. Camelbak was *great*. Altitude (4000') really killed me.
* Returned to Crude Awakening at night.
* Weather: less hot but dust + wind storm.

Friday (8/31):
* Woke early and cycled around. Climbed Crude Awakening, saw the Man, etc.
* Strung up our back-up tarp for the Shade Structure.
* Puttered around camp.
* Dan left in early afternoon.
* Strong wind + dust storm. Bent one of our IMC poles pretty severely.
* Rain followed dust and wind storm today. Double rainbow followed rain storm!
* Replaced pole in evening to restore Shade Structure.
* Waited for Crude awakening to burn but it was postponed due to the dust storm.
* Weather: Hazy, wind + dust storm, some light rain.

Saturday (9/1):
* Woke early with Melinda and toured the city.
* Met Trey, who was one of the artists who built "Perspective". He's with Frogma, who also includes Martin, Denise, and (in other years) other members of Just Passing Through.
* Got ice.
* Visited Frogma in the afternoon.
* Visited Snack Food Glory Hole in the afternoon: put your mouth up to this hole and they'll put some tasty edible something in it. Jesse (from Desert Taxi) camped with Snack Food.
* Made cocoa Meringue cookies. They didn't turn out well. Sun oven seals in all its moisture, which is bad for cookie baking. 8(
* Strong winds caused Shade Structure to fail again: threads on cap broke. Cut off broken threads, tightened with vise grips, and replaced.
* Watched the Man burn.
* Watched Crude Awakening go up in flames.
* Weather: Not quite so hot, hazy, and some heaving winds (though no single "storm").

Sunday (9/2):
* Got ice (no line).
* Packed camp (all day).
* Watched the Temple burn.
* Weather: clear and hot.
* Left camp at 10:17p.
* Reached pavement outside Gerlach around 1:50a (3.5hrs exodus)

Monday (9/3):
* Reached I-80 around 4a.
* Melinda called every $ and $$ hotel in AAA guide in Reno - no rooms in the Inn. 8(
* We reach a rest stop, nap for about 90 minutes, then hit the road at dawn.
* Pull through Auburn, CA around 8a. Fuel up (RV and David, Melinda, and I) and continue driving.
* No bad traffic on the pavement at all, though we're pretty early.
* Reach Mountain View by 11:30a.
* Driving from BRC to Mountain View with only cat naps: pretty un-fun. 8(
* Unpacked RV into the Lamplighter living room.
* Back up to Cow Hollow for bed.
* Drove my *car* instead of the RV. Yay!
* Weather: clear and warm.

Tuesday (9/4):
* Cleaned up RV.
* Got back to El Monte for the return just at 5p.
* Was complimented on our cleaning job (they did the couch cushion pat test -- no dust!)
* Bought: gloves, mop, rags, vacuum cleaner this day for cleaning.
* Back to Cow Hollow and to begin washing dusty BM clothes.
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