Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Walk to Golden Gate Bridge

Last Saturday Melinda and I took a walk from the Cow Hollow flat again, this time, one all the way to the Golden Gate bridge! The bridge isn't so far from here, actually; maybe about 2.7 miles or so. Our walk went through the Presidio, along Crissy Field, and up the hill past Fort Point to the southern end of the bridge.

This was actually Melinda's first time visiting the bridge (she's gone over it in a car before) so we walked out on it to the first tower. The weather on Saturday was the best day I've ever seen in San Francisco: warm (I was in shorts and a T-shirt -- on the bridge!) and with unlimited visibility. I was surprised I could see not only the Bay Bridge from the Golden Gate bridge, but I could see Oakland and other parts of the East Bay. Amazing.

The wind through the Golden Gate was very strong on Saturday. From our perch on the bridge Melinda and I watched two kite surfers dart about directly below us in the water. One of the two was especially impressive: he would jump while turning, and would stay aloft, entirely out of the water, for many seconds, held up by his kite. The rest of the Bay was filled with other kite surfers and sail boats.

Our original plan was to walk to the bridge but bus back, but we were feeling pretty good having made it this far, so we decided to walk all the way back, too. We decided to avoid the more hilly Presidio on the return trip and follow the edge of the Marina instead. Everyone else in San Francisco was also out enjoying the Marina but we fit right in.

On our outbound trip we made two small detours. One was to a cupcake shop on Scott (or thereabouts) just off Lombard; Kara's cupcakes, IIRC. The viability of a shop dedicated only to selling cupcakes, and nothing else (well, and milk, and baby onesies advertising the cupcake shop), still doesn't seem possible, yet there it was. Perhaps it's in part because they charge $3 for a cupcake -- and people buy them! Such as myself; Melinda and I shared a banana cupcake. It was supposed to be filled with caramel but it wasn't. We showed the counter woman and she gave us a second one (guess the cost of the shop really isn't in the cupcakes themselves...). That one also was sans caramel, and she offered to give us yet another cupcake but we turned her down -- we didn't need the caramel filling that badly, and we really couldn't possibly eat a third cupcake (they had a lot of frosting!).

The other detour was to the pet cemetery in the Presidio. It's at the base of a hill just below the San Francisco National Cemetery and it's filled with, well, pets, presumably from people who used to live in the Presidio. Lots of the pets seemed to have lived about 12 years, presumably dogs, but we also saw markers for a rat, a rabbit, some fish, and some birds. Melinda also saw a marker for something possibly 1900 - 1988 but not all the headstone could be translated so she didn't know for certain. The earliest headstone I saw there was from the mid 1950s. I sort of wonder what happened to the families and people who buried their pets there, I wonder if they still visit, or if they even still live in San Francisco.

October brings the best weather to San Francisco. Saturday couldn't have been more pleasant in the city, and I can't think of a better way to have spent it than a walk to the bridge and back with Melinda. 8)
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