Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Run yesterday

I ran my usual-of-late 5k route yesterday but took a diversion at Lombard and Lyon, to run up the hill and stairs along Lyon St. to Broadway before taking a trail along Presidio Blvd back down to Lombard in the Presidio. In all it was about 34 minutes but that includes about 3 minutes of little more than walking up the stairs along Lyon. I'm really out of shape for running up stairs! My quads just above my knees just didn't have the strength to lift me up stairs at a running rate. One fix for this is to start cycling again -- pedaling stresses the same muscles.

This weekend is Fleet Week in San Francisco (and one of Melinda and my unofficial anniversaries) so the Marina Green was dotted with the remnants of the day's activities (I went out around 6p for my run): souvenir tents, meat-on-a-stick vendors, and a beer garden. And, of course, it was yet another beautiful day in San Francisco (it's still October...) so there's nothing to complain about.

For all the pain of running up Lyon St. to Broadway I got two rewards. One was a great view of the Marina and Fisherman's Wharf from the top of the hill (just inside the Presidio has a great view looking over the city, not just the water). The other is that the next essentially mile is entirely downhill and a little bit of flats, as you drop about 350 feet in elevation down to the water. The trail along Presidio Blvd is littered with tree debris and roots but if you're careful it's a pretty fun downhill run. My only problem yesterday was that some weirdo with a bike, walking up the hill just after the sidewalk appeared, thought it'd be cute to move himself and his bike into my path of running. I tried to run around him but he moved out even further to block me, all the while just grinning. I shouted at him as I ran by, "Are you stupid?! What's wrong with you?" but he just kept grinning as I finally ran around him and down the hill. Weird.
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