Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Run from the Sunset to the Marina

Melinda had to go in to work today so I took advantage of the opportunity: we both drove to UCSF, she drove my car back later in the evening when she was done with her mice, and I ran back, through Golden Gate Park and the Presidio. Running from (approximately) her Sunset apartment to my Cow Hollow flat was one of the things I'd thought would be fun when I originally signed the lease, so I'm happy that I found a way to make it happen. The route was about 5 miles long: At one block after the 2 mile mark my split was 16:00, and when I stopped my watch, at Pixley and Filmore, it read 41:00.

Today was another day of Fleet week and the Blue Angels air show finished around 4p; I started my run at 4:15. Cars were backed up along Arguello from the top of the hill (at Jackson) all the way to the bottom in the Presidio (eg, Sheridan Av.). Poor folks, they should have just parked somewhere and waited 30 minutes before trying to leave again. It was sorta fun to run past all of them, and past the cars and throngs of people along Marina Blvd, with me going much faster than the cars in traffic.
Tags: running
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