Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Running in the SF rain

It was raining lightly when I got home (Cow Hollow, still) this evening but I really need to keep up with Melinda's 3-times-a-week pace for exercise, so I donned by jogging shorts and shirt and headed out the door. It was also pretty warm, all things considered: about 63F.

I ran I wanted to run along Marina Blvd but that actually isn't so fun as there are no lights along the wide pedestrian and cyclist path. With the rain it was even harder to see the pavement. I didn't misstep anywhere in the entire route, which was pretty fortunate, but I wouldn't recommend running along Marina in the dark. For the rest of the route I stuck to sidewalks along well-traveled roads. The only hazard to watch out for are the metal utility covers -- those are pretty slick after a rain. The slalom along Union was about the worst but, really, it wasn't so bad. Overall time was 23 minutes.
Tags: running
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