Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Running at night, south bay style

I had an all-day off-site meeting today that let out around 5p, just in time to go for a run before dinner. I had errands to tend to before 19stores closed so I didn't get out until right about dusk. In San Francisco I enjoyed running after dark, as the streets are well-lighted even at night. So I thought I'd give the same thing a try here in Mountain View. Verdict: mixed results leaning negative.

I chose to run along Middlefield Road from my apartment into Palo Alto and back ( It was after dark by the time I headed out so the challenge of watching the ground started right off. There are plenty of street lights along Middlefield Road but, being beautifully tree-lined, most of the sidewalk is in a shadow of some tree. Moreover, the glare of oncoming headlights from the nearby cars all but blinded me each time someone drove by. At least, though, as they approached from behind they lit up the sidewalk enough so I could look for hazards for many yards forward.

So, running at night is something San Francisco beats Mountain View hands-down.

Timing: at the half-way point (2.25 miles) my split was around 16 minutes and the full time was 35:33. That's a 7:54 per mile split. I was working on stride length and really felt pretty good about the run. I stopped at Charleston Road on the way back and walked about 100 yards for 1:20 before jogging the rest of the way home (at a more leisurely pace).
Tags: running
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