Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Just keep on running

It was such a nice day out this afternoon I couldn't help but go for a run. My warm-up was a hearty walk from work to home, a reasonable 20 minutes but that did get me sweating.

owens888 encouraged me to try running to Dan's house on some route so I thought I'd give that a try today. Here's the route: My plan was to run along Waverly from Charleston all the way to Rinconada (or as near to it as I could), but I missed the turn onto Waverly from Charleston, hence the detour to Alma.

I thought I'd be up for a great run today but even starting out my legs just didn't feel like they had a lot of good striding in them. I still pressed on but without a lot of great striding as I did the other day. My overall time from start to finish was 60 minutes -- that's about as long as I've run since I can remember! I stopped at Dan's house (where the water bottle on the map is) for three minutes. Dan wasn't home but I took advantage of the expected hospitality and helped myself to water from his garden hose. I also lost a bit of time at some traffic lights, notably Charleston and Middlefield and San Antonio and Middlefield, both on the way back. Discounting for the three minutes of idling at Dan's house the overall pace was 7:40, which is actually pretty decent. And, I didn't feel especially dead at the end; I'm pretty pleased that I'm getting a lot of endurance back.
Tags: running
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