Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

TGIF running

I finally have run three times in the week before the weekend, yay! Today's course was basically the same as yesterday's course,, except that I ran along the Stevens Creek trail rather than through the Google Crittenden parking lot around mile 3. That puts it at about 4.4 miles, I'd guess, and I completed it in 36 minutes, including a bit of cool-down walking and a ~1 minute water break where Crittenden Lane meets the Stevens Creek trail. That puts the pace at just under 8 minutes per mile, which is probably right (or maybe a touch slow). Starting out running to the top of the hill in Shoreline is still fun. The air was less smoky than on Wednesday but it was noticeably cooler. Probably 64F with filtered sun.
Tags: running
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