Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Good morning run

Melinda and I lazed in bed until past 11a this morning so I thought to make up for it by going for a run before breakfast (which Melinda made!). The route: [no map! is down] Lamplighter, west on Middlefield to San Antonio, north on San Antonio over US-101 all the way to where the road ends, which is a parking lot and entrance to the Shoreline trail. Followed the Shoreline trail around Shoreline Lake to the golf course, then along the access road through Shoreline Park toward Amphitheatre Parkway and Google. Right on Amphitheatre Parkway, out to the intersection with Charleston and Rengstorff, south on Rengstorff to Rock, then home to the Lamplighter along Rock. Route time was 38:02 but included about 4:30 of not moving (2 minutes for stretching at :30, 2 minutes waiting for the light at San Antonio and Charleston, and :30 getting a drink near Shoreline Lake).

The weather was great for a run - probably upper 60s. It's been a long time since I ran as the first thing in the morning. Man, was I stiff! Even with lots of stretching I didn't really limber up until about 10 or 12 minutes in to it.

Along the route I decided to count underground utility boxes and valves. Fire hydrants, water sprinklers, gas valves, traffic light control boxes, anything that protrudes from the ground and likely controls some part of the underground infrastructure beneath Mountain View. Manhole covers and street lights don't count. Along the route I counted 62 such things. Why are these interesting? They're boxes we see along the roads today that you just wouldn't have seen along a road 100 years ago. What got me started was seeing a box where I stopped at :30 to stretch that was painted green, had no markings, and had a single rubber stopper on the top. The stopper said "Antennax" or something like that, and that's it. What's inside the box? Hard to say, it has a padlock on it. What does it control? Who would notice if a truck backed into it? Dunno. But it has 61 siblings along the ~3 miles of road I ran this morning. is back. Here's the route:
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