Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

73F in November - ridiculous

We're well into autumn in North America yet it's still 73F outside in Mountain View, CA. Man, oh, man. So, rather than do the indoor errands I was planning to, I went for a long run.

Time: 1:09:15. Distance: about 7.5 miles. I made many stops for water along the route (marked). It wasn't so hot today but I sweated off all my hydration and was pretty thirsty each time I found a drinking fountain. It was a great run, though.

The real reason for this route was to run on the pedestrian bridge over Central and the train tracks on the Stevens Creek Trail. It's about 0.2 miles long and nice, but now that I've done it I don't need to do it again. 8) The bridge over the tracks is pretty nice, because it's hard to ask trains to stop for rollerbladers. The bridge over the road doesn't seem all that necessary, as there's a traffic light right there already. But the road's right next to the tracks so you get all of them for free.

The route I'd initially planned would have taken me along the Stevens Creek Trail all the way to the end at Yuma drive, then along Church to Shoreline and finally along some small residential roads to Rengstorff. When I reached Dana after about 40 minutes or so I was ready to be done running, so I just headed home as directly as I could.
Tags: running
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