Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Run to Sunset Blvd

I was chatting with Melinda's friend Steve yesterday and he said he frequently runs out to the ocean from where he lives, then back through Golden Gate Park. All my running in GG park to date has stuck to points east of 19th, but of course, the park does go all the way to the ocean. Today I ran most of the way west as I could, turning at Sunset Blvd to enter the park. All told I ran about 4 miles (of the 4.5 mile route that shows) and finished in 34 minutes total. It feels like I'm sticking to an 8 minute per mile pace, which is a little slower than where I'd like to be but it's not so bad considering I hadn't run before this weekend since the beginning of December.

Today was another great day in the city: clear skies, sunny, probably about 60F. I tried to stay in the sun while running to help keep warm, especially as I started.
Tags: running
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