Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Digital failure

I will be surprised if this text actually gets posted. It's been that type of day.

1. I rode the G Shuttle from SF to work today. Wireless connectivity from the shuttle to the Web was spotty for most of the trip. Barely-working internet is worse than no internet.

2. My laptop battery ran flat before my commute was over. Fortunately I was only 3 minutes from getting off, so no big deal. But it fits the pattern for the day.

3. At my first meeting today the VC system was sure the near-end mic was always muted, even though it really did toggle between mute and note. Also, and worse, we couldn't get the VC system to send the computer display to the far-end. The far-end audience got only what they could hear and see from our reactions, not from the presentation itself.

4. My desktop workstation failed to mount various network drives, thus resulting in my being unable to log in at times.

5. There is no clear and easy way to just get at the bits of a Google Docs presentation from a script.

6. While editing a Google Doc I'm using while researching online, Docs disappeared. Google Docs now shows my spreadsheets but not my text documents.

I did watch the last 45 minutes of Volcano on TV this evening. Which meant, I got to enjoy watching lava flow over Las Angeles and a bunch of explosions, but I didn't have any emotional attachment to the lead characters or the little children who were about to be crushed or attacked by lava. Mayhem without guilt - yay!
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