Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

What YouTube needs to learn from Flickr

I have tons of photos and a couple of videos from my trip to Alaska. I'm using Windows XP to look at them and it works pretty well. When I see a photo I want to share I right click, choose Send to Flickr..., and the photo appears in the Flickr uploader app a moment later. Magic. When I see a video I want, well, no such joy. I need to visit YouTube's uploader page to upload a single video at a time, or download a helper app to run a form that lets me upload several at once. I can't drag and drop the videos nor can I right-click to choose them from a context menu. I'm enjoying looking through my folders of videos and photos and playing the ones I want to see, but I have to break this flow to upload the video. Oh, and also, the multi-file uploader doesn't work with Firefox 3. It's enough of a pain that I finally just gave up. (I did try using IE7 to upload them, but selecting the video by navigating the selection widget, again, in a tiny window, was too much of a bother.)

The Seattle PI posted this letter from Bill Gates to his executive underfolks pointing out oh so many usability issues in Windows (from 2003). We all have had the same usability foibles with real products, that ought to work right (YouTube video uploader, in my case). If only we all were the founders of those companies and could throw some weight around.
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