Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Cellular choices

So, I think the time has come for me to update my cell phone plan. I first subscribed to Sprint PCS in 1998, back when you could get a decent plan for $25/mo. and evening minutes started in the evening (6pm) not the night (9pm). But, my apparently ferocious appetite for long distance calling is now outweighing my desire to keep my cell phone bill below $30. A $70 long distance bill does that to a person.

Anyway, the current front runners are:

Sprint PCS
PCS Free & Clear runs $40/mo for 300 day / unlimited evening minutes and free long distance. I could keep my current phone (a dubious benefit) and would likely not need to sign up for a 1 year agreement (4 years with Sprint PCS already should be enough). Plus, I get a benefit on my residential long distance with Sprint (50 minutes per month free + service fee waived).

Get More 1000 is $40/mo and includes 1000 day / 0 evening minutes. $0.40/min extra. Free long distance. If I can keep it under 1000 minutes per month, this would be a good plan. That'd be about 35 minutes per day, on average. I could probably swing that. The other neat thing: I could get a Seattle-area number, even though I'm in California.

$40/mo buys 600 day / 3000 evening minutes, plus Cingular's rollover minutes (unused minutes from the previous months rollover to the next month). Long distance included. The drawback is there's no service outside of California and Washington + little bits of NV, AZ, and ID.

So, I'm leaning toward T-Moblie, because I could get a Seattle number, it's a good plan (lots of useful minutes), and the phone company I've never dealt with before is always better than the one I have. I'm a little worried, though, because apparently there are some coverage problems with T-mobile around the Bay Area, or so one of my coworkers warns. I need to investigate this more.

In any event, that's the state of the world. With luck, I'll make a decision in another week or so and get a new phone. And cut my current phone bill way down.
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