Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Running at 90

I broke a long dry spell and went for a run today. 5:30p, outside it was 85F and sunny. Probably not the best time of the day to do it, but *shrug* I had water (my camelbak). I ran my Over the bike bridge route, which measures about 3.7 miles. Total time was 38:30, which is a pretty horrible per-mile split, but net running was probably closer to 28 or 29 minutes, which isn't so bad. I walked 2:30 on the outbound as I crossed Central, talking with a roller blader who asked about my T-shirt (Stevens Creek Trailblazer), again at the bike bridge, again a bit more along Charleston, and I had to wait about 2 minutes for the light at Central on the return. I ran hard on some of the interim stretches, to the point of making my stomach a bit nauseous, but that's the right target for me at this point in training. It means I'm pushing myself.

I laid down in the grass outside my apartment for about 30 seconds before heading inside, stopping at the pool to relax on a lounge chair for a couple of minutes. Some of the neighbors were sitting by the pool, too; some younger folks whom I've not met. While resting my arm felt itchy; musta been just that moment laying in the grass. Even after a shower, though (ie, now), I look at my arm - it's bright red where I laid down just for those 30 seconds. Wow, I musta gotten into something; weird. I'll go outside and inspect the lawn to see what it is, but I think I have some benadryl or calamine lotion edit: hydrocortisone in the bathroom, that'll help.
Tags: running
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