Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

First run in new apartment

Last weekend I helped owens888 move into her new apartment. Sunday evening after driving a carload of miscellany from my apartment to hers I took my first run around the neighborhood. The new apartment is just across the street from the old one so it's not like it's all that novel. But still, why not mark the occasion? 8)

The route is not quite 3 miles: I walked the block from Frederick to Carl along Stanyan (uphill). Total time was 23:24, which makes for an about-8 minute per mile pace. I had a pretty good pace going out toward Masonic, in part because I was chasing after, then just-barely-leading, another runner. I was glad enough to be done when I was, though, as it was getting dark (I started the run shortly before 8p, when it was about 62F outside).
Tags: running
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