Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

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In the last couple of months I've misplaced and thought stolen(!) several items:

* February: my digital camera. Thought it was nicked from my backpack while waiting for the bus. In fact, I had just left it at home.
* In June: my iPod. Thought it was lifted from my desk at work. Searched thoroughly for it at home before contacting campus security. Days later, found it at home in a bag I routinely used when going to and from work.
* Yesterday: my backpack (including my iPod and other little items). I'm pretty sure I left it in the men's room as I headed out for the evening. Checking the bathrooms again hours later didn't turn it up. Maybe I left it elsewhere? Maybe I never brought it to work yesterday in the first place? I'm not entirely sure anymore. Weird.

Anywho, we'll see if the backpack rematerializes. In the mean time maybe I need to buy a couple of hundred of the world's smallest GPSs to glue to all my stuff. 8)
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