Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Cooking this weekend

Saturday: banana pancakes and bacon. Bacon was applewood smoked fancy pants bacon from Piazza's, and pancake mix was buttermilk something or other mix. I also sautéed the leftover bananas, sliced, with cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, in butter for a couple of minutes. Mmm, tasty.

Also Saturday: chocolate chip cookies. I was going for a crunchy yet not flat cookie, so I made the dough with instant pudding but baked it at 325F for 18 minutes. The second half of baking time was on the rack in the top-most position in the oven. The cookies turned out pretty well, IMO. I chilled the batter for about 6 hours, while owens888, spongiform, and I watched Coraline 3D, ate dinner, and played Dominion and To Court the King. The dough was very congealed by the time I spooned it into cookies, so I hand-rolled most of the balls in order to keep them coherent. I could see the bits of solid butter in the dough. Mmm... I tried to count calories in the cookies and I think each one ended up as 100 calories.

Sunday: scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms, bacon, and cheese. I wilted the spinach, along with some fresh basil, and I sautéed the mushrooms with butter and a few bits of bacon (all the bacon was leftover from Saturday morning). Running low on butter I tried using olive oil, but this didn't work: the mushrooms didn't brown as much, didn't give off the water they would otherwise, and just didn't taste right (still tasted more like raw than buttery mushrooms). So I tossed in the rest of the butter and made the mental note that I'd need more butter soon. The eggs were 5 whole and 4 yolks. The plan was to use 8 whole eggs but egg number 5 was weird: yolk was not firm and whites were milky. I tried to remove the weird egg from the bowl, failed to capture the albumin, and so instead rescued the otherwise good yolks, dumped the rest, and added 5 new eggs to the leftovers. Net result was a very yellow scramble, which was nice. I started the scramble with just the eggs in the pan, let them firm up, then added the other bits (and some salt and pepper) while stirring, until the mass was about 60% egg and 40% other. Tasty. I didn't finish off the non-egg mix-ins so I put them (spinach, mushrooms, bacon, and grated cheese) in a microwave-safe container with the intention that they'll be lunch for me tomorrow.
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