Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Orange chocolate cookies

Friday I baked cookies for a snack for while playing in BATH 4. Orange chocolate chip, and they turned out pretty well. I've been doing a few things differently lately and I've liked the effect. First, I've been much more careful when measuring flour: tapping the measuring cup to settle the flour, leveling it with the back of a knife (also used for tapping), and sifting it to make it fluffier again and to mix in other dry ingredients. Second, I've been experimenting with rack positions in the oven. Finishing the cookies on the top or next-to-top rack positions seems to give the cookies a crunchier, less sticky top. Third, I chilled the dough for about four hours, rather than just 20 minutes, and this delay seems to give the cookies a much fluffier texture.
Tags: cooking
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