Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Melinda and I tried Temperchi in Mountain View last weekend. The studio is just off Shoreline and shares a small building with a janitorial service company, among other tenants. The studio itself is sort of small but big enough for 4-5 lampworking stations without crowding. Temperchi has much better tools and equipment than any of BAGI, Public Glass, and The Crucible. Being 5 minutes from my apartment is icing on the cake.

Temperchi is my current favorite studio to work at. It's conveniently located, it's clean, the infrastructure is tended to (I don't need to fuss with changing oxygen tanks on my own, for example), and lampworking isn't treated as an afterthought activity. On the down side, because it's a small operation, the open hours solely depend on Jon, who isn't always available. This weekend, for instance, Melinda and I were turned away at the last moment on both Saturday and Sunday because Jon was busy elsewhere. Still, it's the place I prefer to work at if I can get in.
Tags: fire arts
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