Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Day 1

Some errands, some idle time activities today. Got my car serviced. Walked through Halted and Weird Stuff and bought some vinyl aprons that looked sort of neat (and at $1.50 each seemed worth the price). Saw a dog run away from Petsmart. 8( Deposited two checks and $31 of coins at the bank, and bought $60 of quarters. Used some of those quarters to run two loads of laundry. Took a nap. Visited Madco to learn about tanked oxygen. Visited Home Depot looking for a work table, then headed to Acorn's house for Build night. Lunch was at a deli waiting for my car to be done and dinner was salad from the grocery store.

On deck tomorrow: visiting glass shops in Richmond and San Jose.
Tags: sabbatical
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