Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

I got back late from bab5 so I missed yesterday's daily update.

I spent most of the day sweeping out Doug's garage, the up and coming glass art studio. The garage was filled with cob webs and scores of spiders, most all of which I removed or killed. Most spiders were "daddy long-legs" or other small and indistinguishable spiders but a few looked like black widows. I don't they they actually were, because I saw no red markings (not that I spent a lot of time looking closely). In any event I disposed of all of them that I could find. I also found a few sources of spider food (insect breeding) that I got rid of; with luck that'll help stave off future spider populations.

Around 1p HSC delivered the two tables, which fit nicely in the garage. I need to move one of them subsequently, now that I've had a chance to look over the space and think about how it should be arranged. I glued the trim on one of the tables back on, as it was starting to peel off. I also discovered that the window in the garage easily opens, although the sash is no longer counterbalanced (the weights are in the frame but the cords have been cut or eaten through). No matter; a fan is destined to sit in the window to provide ventilation.

Sweeping and cleaning ran until early evening and was followed by napping, showering, and finally socializing at bab5. I spent some of the interstices researching torches.

Today I plan to: research torches; order two torches; research kilns; go for a run; hang the vanity above the dresser (I'm in SF today).
Tags: sabbatical
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