Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Week 2

My day started in SF with some sleeping in but soon progressed with a stop at IKEA for work lamps for the workshop and lunch with friends at Google. In afternoon I bought a bunch of hardware for the workshop: 3 3'x4' galvanized steel flashing; tin snips; 2 2x4s; various bolts and screws; about 5' of chain. The 2x4s will be plates in Doug's garage to which I'll attach the eye bolts for the oxygen tank chain and the anchor bolts for the bookcase that was in the garage when Doug moved in. I'd rather it not fall over on my in an earthquake.

I got as far as attaching one plate to the wall and drilling two more pilot holes when the battery on my drill ran out. It's only a 6v unit and I've had it for 7 years so this isn't too surprising. Tomorrow I'll (a) buy a new power drill; (b) buy a new battery operated drill; (c) borrow Doug's drill. But the low battery cut short my plans to bolt down the flashing to the table. That'll come tomorrow.

In between buying hardware and lunch I also placed orders for the torches + assorted hoses and hardware and for the kiln. The torches and related bits will arrive either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending if I caught the shipping deadline for Arrow Springs, and the kiln will arrive Monday (FedEx ground from South Carolina). I opted for the small kiln because I suspect the circuit to the garage isn't big enough for anything bigger, and I'm buying Mega Minor torches while I'm on the waiting list for the GTT Cheetah.

I also got some spare keys cut, picked up yesterday's glass from Temperchi (photos will be up later tonight), and went for a run.

Tomorrow: attach the steel to the tables; anchor the bookcase to the wall; assemble the work lamps; clean the SF apartment; laundry in SF.
Tags: sabbatical
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