Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Two runs

Last Friday: about 15 minutes, maybe 1.5 miles, in Golden Gate Park. It was cold! Maybe 59F; typical for the Sunset in San Francisco. [sigh] So I was a bit slowed down by that. And, I haven't run in I don't know how long, so there's two reasons why my ambitions for a 20 minute run didn't get past about 15 minutes.

Today: closer to 20 minutes, closer to 2 miles, in Mountain View. 89F at sunset when I ran, but about 95F mid-day. Just along Middlefield from my apartment to Shoreline and back with a loop at the Shoreline end to go along Terra Bella Ave. I stopped a couple of places but probably could have pushed it had I really wanted to. The warmer weather really helped. I need to bring my Camelbak down to Mountain View from SF; I need it here much more than I need it there.
Tags: running
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