Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Smaller errands today

Today saw me take on and finish basically no large tasks, just small errands. I spent the morning shopping online, and actually buying things, the latter being a big deal because I usually find myself shopping in vain. I bought some books (living trust planning, that sort of boring things), gifts for some people, and plane tickets for next weekend to Seattle. (Turns out that two one-way fares on Alaska Airlines is the same as a round trip.) It was another hot day in Mountain View so I opted to stay out of Doug's garage. That, and I had only a few tasks to do at present but I'll have more work in another day or so when the torches and gas hose arrive. I took photos of last weekend's glasswork (I'm pretty happy how the reversal marble came out; Northstar's Egyptian Sand is pretty nice to work with), I ran a backup of my desktop computer, and I got CVS and Apache working on my laptop. Mid-day I headed to SF and continued the parade of errands: run in Golden Gate park, much laundry, and cleaning. I sat at the laundromat for the whole time for the laundry, doing work on my laptop. The laundromat is 10 blocks from the apartment and finding parking is random enough that I was just as happy to not give up my parking space two doors down from the laundromat, even if it meant just reading e-mail and more poking at Apache on my laptop.

Tomorrow I will receive my torches and gas line, assuming I'm at my apartment when the UPS truck arrives. I'd like to work on the sheet metal at Doug's garage, but it may be pretty warm mid-day. I may spend some hours working on the Connecting Wall app, just for grins and giggles. I think I can get the 3D effect by using a sprite PNG for each cell and changing which sprite is shown at just the right rate. We'll see. If nothing else I hope to learn something about jQuery.
Tags: sabbatical
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