Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Glass and cookies

If you're thinking that I baked cookies in the new glass kiln, you're the third person to suggest that to me. And no, I didn't. FedEx kindly arrived early at Doug's garage, I set up and fired the kiln to 1050F, noted it worked, then headed home. I spent a few hours in the afternoon mixing cookie dough and half-watching movies, then a few hours in the evening baking cookies. Melinda and I dropped in to Doug's garage around 10p to try out the workshop - it worked. We made a few small items -- turtle, a couple of pendants, and a disc of glass out of a remnant -- and we'll pick them up within a few days. The kiln table needs a work light -- standing in front of it casts a shadow from all the other light sources in the workshop (ceiling fluorescent tube and two work lights on the flameworking table). Also, the gas level at the torches fluctuates, which is both weird and inconvenient. I'll check the internet for ideas how to diagnose and fix that problem over the next couple of days, too.

Tomorrow I fly to Seattle for a few days and for a family annual picnic. Back Sunday.
Tags: sabbatical
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