Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Less glass, more boring stuff

Back in Mountain View after visiting Seattle for a few days (joined by Melinda on Saturday for my Mom's family's annual summer picnic). Melinda and I have now used the glass workshop on three occasions (last Tuseday, yesterday, and this evening) and it's working pretty well. The torch flames aren't stable - the candles grow and fade with a period of about 6 seconds - and I don't yet know why. Maybe a bad regulator (but, propane or oxygen?)? Maybe the torches just being broken in? Maybe it's too cold to torch at night? Dunno; I'll do some internet research for it soon.

With the workshop basically done it's time I move on to other projects for my sabbatical. The small project for today was working through a backlog of account statements from the mail, and putting information from them into Excel. The time certainly can fly when you're having fun, let me tell you. Tomorrow I'll do more of the same, as well as post some photos of glass and the workshop, and perhaps try building an organizer for our colored glass canes (we have a few dozen different colors, from six different companies).
Tags: fire arts, sabbatical
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