Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Longer run than expected

On my sabbatical list is traversing the Moffett Blvd overpass along the Stevens Creek trail. With enough light left in the day I headed out for a loop from my apartment, along Middlefield Road to the trail, along the trail to Microsoft campus, then back past Google and home along Rengstorff. I figured it'd be about 5 miles of running and maybe 45 - 50 minutes. It's twice what I've done recently but I felt pretty good, it was the optimal running temperature (69F), and I had my Camelbak, so what could go wrong? Not much, actually. The route came in at 5.5 miles and I ran pretty solidly for the first 2.5 (to just past the overpass). I was sort of pooped by this time so I mixed running with walking + drinking from my Camelbak. I also gave directions to another jogger who was looking to get to NASA Ames; unfortunately, from where she was at, the best route was just the boring along-the-road route. I was back to my apartment in 66 minutes. So, net a little slower than I like, but that includes all the walking time, which wouldn't be necessary if I ran this route more often (or also if I ran sooner after lunch rather than through dinner).
Tags: running
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